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St Bridget’s Private Ambulance Service is dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of patient comfort and care, safely transporting patients between counties and cities throughout the UK.  Emergency transportation is either by road ambulance or air depending on the severity of the condition.
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The business was established in 1988 initially to serve the needs of the St Bridget’s Care Homes, and its residents.  In 1991 the business expanded, becoming a member of the British Ambulance Service (BAA), more vehicles were acquired and the ambulance service was launched to the general public, the National Health Service, Social Services, Private Hospitals, and various medical emergency and repatriation companies.


All of the crew are trained to a high standard of patient care, and know how to alleviate any possible concerns at an anxious time.


The vehicles are fully insured and equipped, and can carry patients by stretcher, wheelchair or can be configured as a seated only ambulance.  12 volt power supply, oxygen, and tracheal intubators are carried as standard.  Defibrillators and spinal immobilisation equipment including vacuum mattresses can be supplied depending on the specific needs of the patient.


Some of the services provided by St Bridget’s Ambulance are listed below

Medical appointments
Admission or discharge from a hospital or care home
Event requiring ambulance presence
Transport a patient, medical team, human organs, blood, tissue etc

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Living and travelling abroad can be very enjoyable, but sometimes it becomes necessary to return urgently to the UK when the unexpected occurs.


St Bridget’s specialist Air Ambulance Service works closely with Insurance and Repatriation companies providing urgent medical repatriation either by air ambulance, scheduled flight or road ambulance, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.


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